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Name: Music Mania  |   Category: Music  |   Type: Bootstrap  |   Layout: 3 Column

  • music web designing page
  • Music mania about us website page
  • Music blogs
  • Gallery bootstrap page
  • Music element html page

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Theme Description :

Music Mania  is a musical themed multipurpose template, provides multilevel background architecture for all your music websites.  Its moderate and elegant look provides the best designed platform in order to enhance yourself, your music, and your franchise and expand your business. This premium designed template can also be an excellent choice for all your websites like musical Studio, musical bands, singers, songs, musical Artist, dj nights, parties, musical hub, music themes, lyrics, musical events, entertainment, band of boys, classical music, pop singers, pop songs, films, filmy music, vocational shows, and much more .

This decorative designed template has amazing sparkle effects provide a grand look. It’s silky and shiny look gives a fascinating, ornamental and eye catching effects to it. Its ease of designing platform attracts everybody to use it for fulfilling your criteria. It is a slider design template having splashy design to design  a powerful colored background to provide a neat and clean look for your web site. This multipage template having each and every related information in it. This is a multipage template which is having seven menus to put your related information in an easy manner, these are:

·         Home: - Each and every information put in this page.

·         About: - What service is provided by this web.

·         Pages: - For designing bootstrap, HTML5, css3 menus and HTML pages.

·         Blog: - Writing blogs by the members.

·         Gallery: - all kind of musical store.

·         Contact: - Contacting for a user.

It is competent on all screen resolution, all the browsers and devices. It is entirely built in Bootstrap framework, HTML5, CSS3 and JQuery. This template is 100% responsive. Make it yours by downloading this amazing template and share it.

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